Born: 1982 in Chatham, United Kingdom

Lives and Works: Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom


Anna Bush graduated from Camberwell, The University of the Arts, London in 2005 with a degree in Fine Art Painting. She works in a range of mediums focusing primarily on painting and photography. Anna is experimental in her approach and uses both analog and digital processes and techniques.


Anna’s current series of paintings explore the family snapshot, drawing on

personal and collective memory. Anna takes great pleasure in reinterpreting the fading images of loved ones with gestural and expressive brushwork, bringing moments captured in the past into the present day and giving the photographs a new lease of life.


Anna works from a range of photographs, including Polaroids and Kodachrome slides, which give each painting its own particular colour scheme, according to the type of film stock and processing technique used in the original photograph. Anna’s objective in each painting is to capture the composition in as few brushstrokes as possible to create energy in the work and to allow room for the viewer to interpret and complete the image. The paintings conjure feelings of nostalgia and a longing for times gone by, triggering the viewer’s personal memories.


Anna takes her influence from many gestural painters who have blurred the boundaries between realism and abstraction including Robert Rauschenberg, Mark Tennant, Gerhardt Richter, David Storey and John Singer Sargent.


Anna has work in private collections around the world and has participated in a range of exhibitions including the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition. Anna is represented by Dantzig Gallery, Woodstock, Oxfordshire.